Broad Issues Weigh Heavily on Congress’ 2014 Agenda

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Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg White House correspondent Phil Mattingly previews the 2014 to-do list on Capitol Hill on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

In december, what is the lookout for the way forward?

It is not clear what kind of shelf life that goodwill has.

House republicans announced they will do and obamacare-related vote as soon as next week.

For the key thing i will watch for is the senate.

Unemployment benefits, 1.3 million people lost the benefits on december 28. there's a bipartisan bill in the senate.

It will take a test bill.

If they five republicans, that will put a lot of pressure on something they do not want to touch.

Janet yellen's final vote was moved to january 6. by january 6, she should be officially confirmed as fed chairman.

Couple of weeks into the future, the budget deal that was sealed at the end of last year, lawmakers will vote.

House aides and senate aides say they feel good where they are.

We should have a finalized spending bill.

2014 is an election year.

We are coming off of the least productive congress in history.

What can get done?

When you start with that, it is a pretty low bar.

When you look at the last three and a half years, everybody looks at the fiscal fight.

There is only one on the horizon, a debt ceiling increase, with a limit supposed to be hit around february.

March or april would be the roadblock.

Looking further all along the line, you will see politically based votes.

Democrats have seized on the minimum wage issue, economic inequality.

It does not have a chance in the house, but from a campaigning perspective, it is a big deal.

There is a lot of buzz trying to figure out where house speaker john weiner is -- john weiner is on immigration.

House leadership wants to figure out something to do with immigration, what pathway they take.

We might see an answer to that in the first couple of weeks when congress gets back.

Phil mattingly, thank you.

When we come back, deal or no deal -- mergers and acquisitions activity down 20% compared to 2012. what happens in macau stays in macau -- we will tell you why casino revenues are soaring there.

Snow, snow, snow -- we will tell you the best card to navigate in.

Stay "in the loop." we are just getting started on this friday morning.


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