End of Christmas Waste With Reusable Gift Wrap

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Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Nicky Rajska, co-founder at Wrag Wrap, explains her company’s new approach to sustainable, reusable gift wrap on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”


Good morning, guy.

It's a range of fabric giftwrap.

And it is here to give people a viable alternative to paper, wasteful paper that is disposable and often ends up in landfill.

It wraps like paper, looks like paper.

It's had a rough build.

It's reusable.

Have a try.

Let's try and unwrap it.

I've got to undo here.

So how did you come up with a concept?

My sister-in-law and i, louise, spent lots of christmases together.

We have close families, and we have children, growing families.

And so that pile of rubbish was getting bigger and bigger each year.


The number of bin liners that were filled at the end, and we are not very good at saving it.

We do try, and the children ripped it very quickly.

And we are at the stage in our lives where we wanted to do something that would leave a good mark behind us.

We were both professionals, working hard and wanted to spend more time with our families.

The two elements came together, and the pile of waste needed to be sorted.

Basically i can take this -- somebody get a shot of this -- which is a piece of the materials that is crinkly.

And once my kids have unwrapped this and use it agian next year.

In your bottom drawer.

What is happened quite nicely is that we had paper and then gift bags came along.

Bags paved the way.

To be reused.

Unfortunately, gift bags do not last as long as fabric, but they said in the bottom drawer and you reuse them.

So the concept is there in people's minds.

Also, the price point is there.

There was a shift from sheet to wrapping paper to get bags about 8 ytearears ago, and that meant that customers were happy to pay more because they had something that was reusable.

We have now gone on and taken it a step further.

Your arei in one of the bigger department stores in the u.k. where next?

We are looking at other department stores in the u.k., and looking at the u.s. wow, i love it.

Thank you very much, indeed.

Joining us on a completely different way of looking at christmas.

You have lots of kids and you will be joining us in the next hour.

This is a great idea.

It is.

Are you going to raft my -- wrap my gift in it?

We will think a lot about the fed tapering during the second hour of "the pulse"." we have not seen any taper tension in global equity markets.

We will also focus on putin's press conference in moscow.

He likes the press conference.

It is still going.

We will have more details on that, of course.

As we head into break, 3,2, 1, liftoff.

The european space unit has launched the gaia mission with a

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