Bremmer: Iran's Regime, Not People, Against U.S.

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Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Nouriel Roubini, chairman at Roubini Global Economics and Ian Bremmer, President at Eurasia Group, react to the speech by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on his commitment to a nuclear deal from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Rainy and but you grew up in italy, right?


New york roubini speaking today, and you attended the speech, ian bremmer.

I love what you said off-camera, moments of mikhail gorbachev and how he spoke at davos.

A lot of people were wondering if he was going to come and would it be appropriate for this kind of audience, would he be hartline and talk about america as the great satan and hit israel.

If anything, the concerns raised, did he go too far?

Did he push the envelope in a way he would offend the hardliners or maybe cause instability in iran?

It is it -- an economy of 80 million people, diverse, women are educated.

Nouriel, such a stereotype off the mark about the radians -- iranians in america and the west is here.

Talk about the stereotype of a prison you have with the iranian people.

Icloud is a jewish iranian -- i grew up as a jewish iranian.

Historically iran -- vast middle-class bit close to the u.s., had relationship with israel.

It was not an arab state.

There is something about iran, the past 30 years.

Because there is an elite of mullahs controlling society, so until there is a regime change -- but maybe under rouhani, they will move.

Secretary kerry visits davos.

Would probably want to hide.

How should secretary kerry respond to what we heard from iran today?

Since they said nothing about being disinvited to the talks over syria.

Nothing has been announced.

One thing nouriel made really important, yes, the iranian regime has a problem with the u.s. but the iranian people do not.

The saudi regime is close to the united states but the saudi people don't like us.

If you ask me over the long term which economy in which political system the u.s. is likely to be more engaged with, it does not take a rocket science or and iranian jew to figure that one out.

Nouriel roubini and ian bremmer as we celebrate in davos.

I know we have a busy agenda today.

A lot to talk about across all the different transactions, lenovo, and what is going on in davos as well.

Would actually want to bring up our twitter question of the day.

What does carl icahn, activist investor do four/two -- for/to

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