Breaking Through the Gorilla Glass Ceiling

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Sept. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Corning CFO James Flaws discusses the success of gorilla glass with Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Gorilla glass, supertough, everywhere.

Ipad, iphones.

It was invented in 2005. its success is one of the reason corning's stock is up about 18% this year.

Joining us is the cfo of corning.

Thanks for being here . gorilla accounts for about 15% of sales.

How big could gorilla that for corning?

Gorilla was about $1 billion last year.

We think it has the potential to reach $2 billion as we see the touch technology spread to other applications.

Especially conventional notebooks, you are starting to see touch show up there.

We will be on a number of notebooks this fall.

Further teflon glass applications could come.

I know there have been several generations of gorilla glass.

You are on the third right now, developing the fourth.

What is the cost of developing next-generation gorilla glass?

It's part of our overall r&d budget.

We spend about 20% of our gross margin on r&d. there is an allegation that goes to gorilla and materials.

But it is certainly affordable.

Obviously, we think it has a great return for us.

It is an amazing product.

You got two new patents yesterday.

How long does it take corning to go from development to patent to actual product?

It all depends on something that is -- it all depends on something that is really new, it can take three years to four years.

In terms of a new innovation in gorilla, where we already have the business, once we go into production, we hit profitability very quickly.

It really varies.

We have some new businesses where we have filed for patents, we get them, but you won't see any revenue for couple of years.

Then we have been speaking to a number of different cfo's this week -- we have been speaking to a number of different cfo's this week.

How would you describe your role at corning as cfo?

It has been more than the numbers for quite a while.

The ceo and i split up our responsibilities a little bit different.

I carry more responsibility with investors and outreach for the companies then he does.

He spends more time on product development and customers.

I think most cfos have a strong strategic hand in trying to partner with the cao -- the ceo to drive the agenda of a corporation nowadays.

We rely on many people in our financial organizations, but we are not actually doing that work ourselves and just have to make sure it is done well.

We call it -- that corning, we call -- at corning, we call integrity the bottom line.

The numbers have to be right.

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