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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Dave McQueen, principal analyst at Informa Telecoms & Media, talks with Manus Cranny about a bounty of technology results out today as Nokia, Microsoft and Google all report. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "On The Move."

That's the next thing coming up.

That is just one platform.

You come from a mobile perspective.

Google, or microsoft.

I agree, your old laptops -- you have your old laptops.

Laptops and tablets.

Tablets are the thing that they have not hit on yet.

Quite a lot the/in time.

-- they will have to slash it in time.

Windows had to wait until the windows eight launch.

Which, no one really likes.

Windows eight has been terribly disappointing.

Will have to wait for that you -- that windows nine experience.

It might make you want to go back to windows again.

I just need to know more and understand more about the interconnectivity.

Thing about samsung is, they do not own an ecosystem or asap form -- but form system -- type form system -- platform system.

Do they want to rely on google?

Who has the key partner?

If i had to do the story one more time about cash burn.

It is very important.

I think it will help.

They can service a cash cow.

They need to get those hero devices into the market and get people buying them.

Your jebel -- your example, what is the incentive to move to microsoft?

That's is the challenge that happens.

I think the new 10 and 20 devices are high-quality products.

Caroline was showing me the new products.

The hardware is better -- brilliant.

Microsoft has let them down.

Let's talk about google.

Again, do sit back and say that they are the dominant force and that i would just hang onto google stock.

They want you to look at their services.

Their services are maps and search.

Obviously google plus.

They never really cracked one area.

They launched the android platform.

Google -- mobile.

They can compete quite effectively and head-on with google.

Nokia maps is a fantastic asset in the microsoft portfolio.

Maps are important.

Great to have you with us this morning will get those results later in the -- great to have me this morning.

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