Breaking Down Samsung's Galaxy S4 Sales Numbers

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July 5 (Bloomberg) -- Samsung faces further profit-outlook downgrades by analysts after posting earnings that missed estimates as sales of its flagship Galaxy S4 handset fell short of expectations. Cory Johnson examines the numbers on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

With today's drill down is the editor at large cory johnson.

You take a pretty close look at the numbers.

What do you think?

There are not a lot of numbers -- you can take a close look and still be in time for practice.

Samsung reports in a strange way.

They give sort of a preannouncement, this is what the numbers are going to be.

Later they will announce the full numbers and later the financial releases and give the old hoary details.

But these numbers do show us a not -- a lot and i think the headlines are off.

If you look at the performance in the stock, the disappointment that investors are having with this thing, i guess, the korean samsung ticker, but the stock over some period of time is up and down of late.

But when you look hard at the numbers translated to u.s. currencies, you see a company growing really fast on a revenue basis but growing really, really fade -- fast on operating profit basis.

It is what you want, sell the stuff that is more profitable.

$8.3 billion profit in a 13 week period.

That is a huge quarter.

To see 47% year-over-year increase, you are crazy to look at that as a disappointment.

We talked a lot about apple's financial results and you highlight all the time, you look very impressive numbers but the stock story, the investor story being very different.

Try to compare the two companies in terms of the high end zone?

Iphone 5 versus the galaxy s4. the tech geeks look at things -- these things more, the functionality.

I am not really a gadget guy.

You know me well.

But the phones were well-liked.

Lots of cool little things they can do.

But the fact is, thiss4 phone actually sold really fast out of the day.

Best-selling ever.

They sold 20 million phones in very short order.

In a handful of weeks.

These guys really did quite will -- well selling the things they sell.

The fastest on they have had.

20 million in 60 days.

But not as fast as the iphone 5 that sold 20 million phones in just 25 days according to an estimate.

The reports of the death of the iphone will be somewhat premature.

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