Breaking Down Marissa Mayer's First Year at Yahoo

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July 17 (Bloomberg) -- Cory Johnson examines Yahoo's earnings and business plans on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

They said they will keep buying small companies and we see that this morning.

She talked a little bit about the acquisition strategy.

I thought it was interesting some of the things that are not going so well.

The first sprint was about people and culture.

The second and current spread is all about execution.

Execution around improving products and increasing traffic.

She was not talking about actual execution.

There is no death penalty there.

She is talking about -- it was an interesting quarter for the company because they want to make big changes but all the changes have not taken root and you see that in the numbers that cannot yesterday.

She talks about an internal renaissance and morale being boosted but in terms of the numbers, piper jaffray says the numbers are not really that good.

Why is the stock up today?

I think it has a lot to do with ollie bought up.

That acquisition has proven to be one of the smartest things.

We saw a lot of weakness like in the sales number.

It showed a decline of about 1% after acquisition costs.

The company can spend a lot of money to get ravenous but would you take out that spending to get the traffic, we saw a 1% decline.

That is a big shift from what we have seen.

Look like things are getting better but now things are getting worse.

They just acquired ana d bennett.

What will you be -- what would you look for in terms of the numbers?

That have benefited from strong growth.

Clicking on their ads has increased by double digits quarter after quarter.

We saw more of that yesterday.

Even as that is happening, there display business is having a rough time.

It was not bad declines but we have had six consecutive quarters of declines in the display ad business.

If you could read the body language, it did not sound like things are getting better.

She talked about programmatic buying.

That is the interesting business of putting up adds the flash and using computer programs.

That is not going as well as they want.

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