Apple's New iPad Air: Breaking Down the Reveal

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman breaks down the numbers for Apple's product pricing on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

The product announcements?

This is an important event from one of the most influential technology companies on the planet.

You are talking about a product line that represents about 20% of apple's total revenue.

A big number.

The breakdown of what apple is telling us, there are two parts to this.

They have given the whole-size ipad an upgrade, going after this idea that they can take a look and feel that we saw initially with the ipad mini and bring it to the larger device.

Because they are making it a device and giving it a new name, the ipad air.

The second part of this story is to introduce a new ipad mini which is a little bit pricier than the original model which started at $329. this one will start at $399. apple feels having a high- resolution screen will be a enough for consumers to want to go more and either buy and ipad mini for the first time or upgrade to the new device.

Also on the pricing side, the existing ipad mini price has gone down.

It starts at two at $99, down from $329. that place at the strategy of apple battling the likes of amazon, google.

Microsoft had its own announcement.

As you highlighted, it'll be an interesting season.

Thank you as always.

Jon erlichman there with the very latest, his take on apple's

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