Breaking Down Apple's 4Q Earnings

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Oct. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Telsey Advisory Group Senior Research Analyst Tom Forte discusses what's behind Apple's earnings with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Bring that money back.

There did not seem to be and they suggested that the company plans to do that to return that additional overseas money to shareholders.

They with me.

I want to bring in tom.

Senior research analyst.

You are not down on apple, you think they are ready to innovate?

This was the first phase of a three-phase innovation process.

I am encouraged that their revenue and earnings was better than expected for phase one, the expanded spur photo lineup -- smartphone lineup with the 5c. phase two is the updated ipad lineup.

Next year, we should expect new products, particularly an iwa tch.

I am calling that phase three.

Is it really innovation?

To some extent, phase one and phase two are refreshing old products but adding a midtier device for emerging markets.

The iwatch and the television would be incremental.

The macbook pro is a much better computer than last one.

The ability to use your fingerprint.

Apple is still innovating.

Jon, did you get that sense on the call with apple talking with the people who watch the company closely?

The ceo found himself correcting one analyst who had taken away from some comments from tim cook earlier in the year that we might see new products this fall and into era ly 2014 -- early 2014. tim cook said we would have new products, not new product categories.

Tim cook has been really careful when it comes to that issue of what that next great new idea coming from apple, with good reason.

Apple does not want to roll out anything that will fall flat.

The competition, samsung, has shown no fear in introducing new devices, like their new smart watch.

Is that device selling well?

Hard to say, they grab great pr . how come samsung doesn't get any credit for innovating?

They are the first one that came out big with the watch.

Samson gets a lot of credit.

For innovation?

Samsung gets a lot of credit.

They should point for point that they were ahead of the curve on apple.

I don't think competition is the story.

The company has found ways with the ipad mini and the 5c of going after that mid tier or lower and consumer.

The, the company -- the comment the company made that they were going to leverage their hardware and app ecosystem was most exciting.

What gets you most excited?

The watch, the tv?

The television.

The battle for the living room is wide open.

No one has staked a claim there.

I think apple has a big opportunity there if they can succeed.

Some say that maybe they are falling behind the longer they wait.

You have got aereo, netflix, hulu.

A lot of those services would run on top of the apple television.

If you look at their history, they are not going to launch a product until they're ready.

They want to get it right, they wanted to get 4g right before they had a 4g phone.

In my not be a bad thing.

Thank you for joining us.

Senior research analyst tom.

And also, of course, jon erlichman.

Moving and shaking this hour.

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