Breaking Down Amazon's 1st-Qtr Earnings

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April 24 (Bloomberg) -- Amazon said expenses rose 23 percent during the first quarter, limiting profit to 23 cents a share on sales of $19.74 billion. Paul Sweeney breaks down the numbers on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

This is an issue you highlighted earlier.

Is this enough to justify where the stock is?

The stock is trading down just a little bit in the market.

As john mentioned, the quarter came in better than expected.

The eps was right in line.

Kind of got that margin issues.

We see that in the second quarter outlook.

The revenue outlook is in line with where the street is.

They're looking for a loss of 55 million and the street was at a profit of 200 million.

This is the same story which is we are driving growth, driving solid growth but we will invest in our business and our quarter to quarter operating profit.

Is interesting to look at the after hours trade.

We are looking at the after hours trading which popped out to 349. i'm looking at the same thing with microsoft.

They are trading dollar above the close.

Microsoft looks like maybe the street is taking that more positively even as it goes through the headlines.

The amazon was tempered for amazon.

Starbucks as well.

Taking a look at how people are reacting to starbucks news.

That was up one and a half percent and now we are hearing some of that.

People get used to expecting strong results from starbucks.

You can see some reaction.

This is the first quarter.

It is notable for that reason.


A packed earnings afternoon.

Thanks everyone for being here.

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