Brazil’s Win in Alternative Energy

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July 9 (Bloomberg) -- BNEF Lead Bio Energy Analyst Harry Boyle discusses alternative energy in Brazil on “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

It is consolation.


Biofuel producers are looking to export to california and will be pleased by this regulation.

What the supreme court has decided to do is not interfere with the carbon fuel standards.

Who else is going to win?

This sounds like a win for diesel.

Spot on.

A in oil producer went heavy -- an oil producer went heavy 10 years ago and the picture is starting to look rosy.

I think california will be a big growth market for them.

We see the man's for that product jumping and getting close to 600 million gallons.

That is quite a big increase.

So, this has to be bad news for somebody.

It is.

Ethanol producers.

I think california is interesting because we are starting to see a variety of fuel and alternative transport

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