Brave Investors Should Look to Ukraine: Amoroso

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May 7 (Bloomberg) -- Anastasia Amoroso, global market strategist at JPMorgan Funds, discusses investing in Ukraine and other distressed markets on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Taper in the ukraine after the imf coming in?

I think that would have been the right move.

That is something we have been talking about to investors.

If you are brave enough and you take all longer time horizon, you have to look at the most risky and most miserable places.

How does one of our viewers who does not have the access to jpmorgan acquire paper in ukraine, in venezuela and other problems spots?

Cinco de mayo is still with me, i cannot talk.

I think it has to be done with different structures.

There are so many different ways to access market bonds.

It is global currency and dollar denominated.

This goes to what you read from jim grant?

He is more of a bond investor and his legendary and says you have to i gas.

It is trading at 2.5 earnings which is as cheap as anything.

They still make a lot of money.

It's incredibly tempting.

You can approach russian stocks there is that opportunity.

The talk of sanctions makes it difficult to pull that off.

I want to say to investors not to give up on russia just yet.

When do you step in to those cheap ideas?

I think you step in when you start to see progress on the ground.

You are not going to see that from listening to the policymakers.

To use -- you only see that listening to "bloomberg surveillance." exactly.

We also have a member of the google team.

He is currently the ceo at

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