Branson Bigger Than His Virgin Brands: Fertik

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Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Michael Fertik, CEO and Founder of Reputation.Com, discusses how CEO’s protect their image and the image of the companies they run. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

It clearly has a problem with its supply chain but is attempting to audit that supply chain and understand it.

Nevertheless, it throws up the nasty stories.

How do you manage that from a corporate point of view?

It's very a good question.

It actually turns out we can like it or not that it's not as much of a story or important as we might like to think it is in the media.

Or the activists like to think it is.

There are two constituencies.

One are the share holders and the other are the customers.

Unless there are egregious violations -- and it appears they're not.

Unless they are egregious violations, sales tend not to go down when there's a discovery of an audit process.

That's number one.

Number two is the shareholders.

And tim cook's being evaluated based on the share price.

The price is down 170. and i think now it's creeping back up.

We know that the shareholders, the board are going to evaluate him based on the share price.

The big story is that it's become a regular company again every since steeb jobs death people are talking about it like it's a regular company.

And that's the major story.

I think tim cook is a special guy.

It's very important we don't cover it that he is gay.

I think it's important that the ceo of the largest company in the world at one point is an openly gay guy.

I think it's important if you're pro equality as i am in the world to know that there's a guy who can go anywhere in the world.

You can't tell him no.

Building an enormous company.

I think it's important that the tech sector, has created that and made it possible.

This goes to the reputation.

The fact that this was an internal reputation and they raised their hand saying we're going to try to fix this.

Is that the way that companies and corporations should always go?

Barclays tried to do the same and that didn't work out so well.

That's an excellent point.

If you can get in front of it, if you can be the author of your own investigation, and make a regular drum beat about it.

What apple is doing correctly, this is the eighth year that they're publishing this audit.

So it's a regular drum beat is expected and transparent.

They've had third parties verify and audit their own process.

So if you do it on an event-driven basis it comes across as a one-time blue ribbon panel apology.

If you do it programically then you're doing it the right way and that's an excellent success for reputation and brand of apple by apple.

Come back to kirk and draw ideas, jobs clearly an iconic leader.

Cook becoming an iconic leader.

Branson is another guy.

There's a book out about him trying to spill some dirt that actually the way he succeeded and the way that is inaccurate.

He is a small investor in your business.

But how do you perceive branson, a guy who sort of comes across as doing all the right things but still has made it to the top?

And you kind of -- do those things fit together?

I've never met him but i admire him from afar.

He is basically who he describes himself as being.

The iconic image, there's a photograph i remember of his kneeling in front of jackie chan polishing jackie chans boots saying please fly on my airline.

Can you imagine the humility of that?

The salesmanship of that.

It's so powerful.

And a sense of humor.

It shows the dignity of sales.

Here of course branson bigger than his brand.

But you understand we're talking when you're flying with virgin you feel like you're flying with richard branson.

It's all sort of lave endor and purple.

It makes you feel part of the club.

As to the substance of his business, his market cap is not as big as others.

His value is not as high.

But clearly he is awesome at establishing his reputation and owning it.

He tweets and publishes more to linked in in the leadership category more than anybody like him.

And it's all about what he stands for.

And he makes you feel like you're connected to him.

He must have 5 extra hours a day than we do.

Thanks so much.

I wish we had more time to talk about humor.

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