Branding Success in Emerging Market Companies

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August 5 (Bloomberg) -- Author JB Steenkamp discusses branding as it pertains to emerging market companies and consumer trust. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You look at the book and you look at the lead novo enovo, why is that?

They have not started that long ago.

Give them a little bit of time.

There are some brands that a number of americans know and have in their homes.

Some are making inroads in the markets.

Currently not that much.

To go page 152. their slogan is legendary spirit of china.

They are in the liquor business.

Take a that is harsh stuff.

Is branding throwing a wall of money at the product?

That is not what most american companies would think.

It is not a waste of money, but these companies still have a ways to go.

To go one company i thought and drinking was the chinese baby food market.

=--- one company at thought was interesting was the chinese baby food maker.

It is currently not there.

Let's not kid ourselves.

One of the biggest mistakes western companies can make is to ignore the emerging-market companies with brands.

Does it sound familiar?

In the 1970's the japanese came.

I asked my father, why is this guy driving a japanese company?

Probably he is very poor.

That is not the case anymore.

Look at where gm and ford or in europe, thompson phillips.

Is there still a distinction of quality versus quantity.

Really trying to refine one or two products.

How did they get to that point?

The basic route to do that is what i called the asian work out.

You enter the market at the bottom like the japanese did with a decent quality at a fairly low price.

Then you up the game.

That is what honda is doing.

I have seen that.

A lot of americans have a piano in the house will that is made in china.

The no.

1 manufacturer and the world.

They have now launched the premium brand.

It sounds very german.

I have seen it.

Bringing in matthew doubt wd.

A few weeks ago in india come up that children's food.

I would say that the stories trust instantly and keeps american brands' strong.

How do we develop the relationship with emerging markets out of washington to build a brand quality and trust?

Trust existed for japanese products before the 1970's and 1980's. we were involved in a world war with japan.

That did not stop them from buying a toyota and other products because they decided it was good quality it could cost.

I think over time the brand is one of the most important things you can do with any sort of economic market for corporate market.

Emirates is so well-known it has really lifted the city state of dubai.

Increase tourism and made it logistics' center.

To go again, it has to do with the branding.

How do you build a printing?

It is just about spending money?

S wrong -- strong brand starts with a good product.

Product quality is getting ever better.

Because of some of the scandals you are talking about, very importantly, these other chinese companies need to develop their own plans to separate themselves from these fly by night skies.

China has political considerations.

They began to do branding more and more, especially in this country.

A lot of political consideration.

Take a brand break out.

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