Gulf Oil Spill Haunts BP With $42.4 Billion Bill

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July 30 (Bloomberg) -- Adam Johnson reports on the cleanup cost of the BP Gulf oil spill on Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money." (Source: Bloomberg)

More than three years ago you remember this one.

An ecological disaster hurting millions of people costing billions of dollars.

It created before forecast earnings because of years of litigation that are still plugging the company.

It has amounted to well over this.

Here is the ceo with our own ryan chilcote.

We are treating the oil and gas companies with the investments going on.

It is a separate track.

It is a bit disappointing.

One of our philosophies has been that we re-empowers will.

It all met this.

We can get back with this.

We have certain circumstances now.

It is from the agreement.

We will put this for this.

You think this was a mistake?

I think it was a good agreement.

It was done in the spirit of getting this kind does in reimbursed in climates.

If you do not have the faith that what you sign will be interpreted by the administrators that is different.

They say it is not the interpretation but that you cut yourself a bad deal.

What we agreed to has been misinterpreted.

That is why we are fighting so hard.

There is a reason why there is an at the ig archer looking at the way the processes work.

Let me ask you about that.

He is looking into whether there was corruption of or whether they were benefiting themselves in an improper way.

Do you think the process has been corrupt?

@is what we thought was a modest request a week or so ago to take a timeout.

This happened a year ago.

Take it out and let's find out.

We are going to continue to shine a light on what is happening.

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