Boy Upstages Pope Francis, Sits in Papal Chair

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Oct. 30 (Bloomberg) -- On "Hot Shots," Bloomberg's Mark Crumpton reports on today's most compelling images. (Source: Bloomberg)

Oil giant does have some challenges.

Higher spending and lower oil prices, will that leave enough money for its buyback programs?

We look at one of the most sought after special-effects makeup artists in time for halloween.


Itis ti is time for "hot shots," a look at some of the most compelling images of the day.

What is sweeter than french couture?

Clothes made out of chocolate.

This is the annual harris chocolate show.

It will be traveling to 23 cities around the world.

It hits new york in november of 2014. ? a small industrial town is getting some sun.

It is tucked between steep mountains and is shrouded in shadow half the year but now thanks to three giant mirrors installed on a mountain, faint rays of the winter sun have reached the town's market square for the first time.

The town was established a century ago as a base for workers employed and a new -- a nearby hydroelectric plant.

Speaking of sunshine, here is a scene to brighten anyone's day.

The celebration of family day.

A little boy who wandered onstage seemed to take a huge liking to pope francis and stuck by his side while he addressed the crowd at st.

Peter's square.

At one point the boy even sat in the papal chair.

Pope francis was unperturbed.

He patted the boy's head while he spoke.

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That does it for this edition of "bottom line" on bloomberg television.

I am mark crumpton.

Thanks for joining us.

See you tomorrow.


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