Box Office Showdown: Disney vs. Universal

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July 29 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Chart Attack," Bloomberg's Paul Sweeney and Adam Johnson look at the Summer Box Office Battle on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Time for chart attack where we bring you a chart that will make you smarter.

Today were talking about the box office battle.

Our closer studies trends in media.

There is a real showdown at blockbuster.

Quick summer is a big-time -- summer is a big time of the market for the big studios.

47% of the annual box office takes place.

The big studios bring out the big guns.

It is their christmas.

They bring out the sequels, animated films, all the big, big films to try to make as much money as they can.

Yeah, they sure do.

I will tell you what, i want to show people the numbers.

A lot of numbers.

Disney has been a straight line up for the last four weeks.

You look at some of the other studios -- sony, universal, warner brothers.

More of a mixed bag.

Talk is through these numbers.

Sure, every week it's a battle between the big four studios.

Every single week during the summer, we will have a big tent pole money -- tentpole movie from one of the big studios.

One of the sciences of the movie business is to pick the right weekend to launch a film.

You do not want to launch a big action film is -- if there is only one in the marketplace.

Securing the spot in the calendar is important.

Particularly for these $200 million movies.

This may sound naiàve, or do these guys ever coordinate with that door deals?

I do think they try to work together.

When someone kneels down a weekend, which could be -- kneels down the weekend, which could be two or three -- nails down the weekend, which could be two or three years in advance, very unlikely than one else will try to launch another movie.

They maximize the potential of all of them.

Will disney and universal have been neck and neck.

Not just the last four weeks.

All year.

Who was in the league?

Disney is benefiting from the marvel movies.

Iron man three, the avengers, doing very well.

Universal has been a big surprise.

Typically, warner bros.

And disney is buying at the top.

Universal is having a great year, consistently coming out with great movies resonating with the moviegoing public.

They are right there for the year.

This is a good contest.

Comcast just bought nbc universal and are really getting the benefit in the first year of ownership.

Look at that box office battle.

Over $1 billion.

Neck and neck.

I think disney over the course of the year as a lot of egg franchise films in the marketplace still coming out.

Disney tends to have focus more on the big blockbusters, the franchise films.

They tend to do well year in and year out.

Universal is a little bit more hit and miss.

They do not have the same number of franchises.

That this year, they are having a heck of a winning streak.

It's like wall street.

What have you done for me lately?

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