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Feb. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson looks at cloud storage. (Source: Bloomberg)

I am adam johnson.

Today in start up, we are looking at small companies growing big.

We will start with the online filesharing storing service that has about 20 million users spread out over 180,000 businesses.

Here's ceo arun with jon erlichman.

We are trying to build a long-term company and that is the path we are on, staying independent.

Your focus on business.

Dropbox is another company in the area.

That focuses on the consumer.

You long ago decided that is not your market.

I still get confused myself with the fact we have the two fast-growing companies.

In terms of the competition between your businesses, i go back to the ipo question.

I would say we think about that a lot less than people watching the industry think about it.

It is not a huge priority for us to be in the financial market rates.

We think it is more important we build a robust business.

Some people said this is in a better way for comcast.

What has not changed is the people who feel like, cable.

I'm curious what you think about the future of television?

I do not know.

It is interesting.

The internet instinct within me says everything should move online.

And at the same time, studios and production companies are making better content than before.

That is exactly the right response.

You need to ensure you have a scarce asset and resource nobody

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