Bowlmor AMF: From Bankruptcy to Bowling Behemoth

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June 19 (Bloomberg) -- Tom Shannon, president and CEO of Bowlmor AMF, discusses the business of bowling with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)


Thank you for being here.

You didn't put your billing ball -- or bowling ball jacket with you.

I didn't know you had a link to ball on.

You have lanes everywhere.

Tell us how you address the idea of bowling as entertainment and sport.

Lacks i realize there was a market for better product.

-- what we did is we created a good aesthetic, service intensive, good food and beverage, and made it more relevant for a social contemporary user.

You did things that affect the feeling of being at a bowlmor lane emporia.

It is not just about the bowling.

It is about the music, it is about the video, it is about the colored lights.

This isn't just a stage, as much as a bowling lane.

When you when bowling 15 years ago you had to suffer some sort of deprivation.

What it was the greasy hot dog, what we wanted was to allow any user to enjoy the sport of bowling but not have to suffer the deprivation.

That is a we have done and all of the bowlmors.

Now our newest concert, bowlero.

It takes all the best elements of bowlmor and makes it hipper.

An industrial, as your design.

Whimsical elements.

There's all this eye candy and things to surprise in the allied.

It is the next version of boiling.

-- bowling.

You have an appointment don't you.

With jenna mccarthy.

We're going to set the world record for the most number people bowling simultaneously.

7:00 in the east, and the same time in corresponding time zones, 40 -- free bowling across the country.

We have 258. this is going to set the record for the most number of people bowling simultaneously.

Who came up with this idea?

What it is our vice president of marketing.

She is a genius.

I have to give the idea to her.

Who does most of the bowling> ? teens, young adults?

We have three distinct market sectors.

The traditional bowler.

The retail bowler.

We have them, on nights and weekends.

We do a ton of birthdays.

What about a celebration of bowlmor amf.

You take amf out of bankruptcy, put it together.

How is business?

Are you making money now?

Making a lot of money.

You take the best elements of bowlmor and amf on the traditional side, with an expansive asset base, and it is

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