Bouygues Increases Cash Portion in $15.8B SFR Bid

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March 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Matthew Campbell reports on the increase of cash in the $15.8 billion bid by Bouygues to purchase SFR on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.”

The finished life is in sight and the board is meeting tomorrow to choose between the two suitors for the mobilephone unit.

One has the momentum and they have picked up profile allies -- high-profile allies and iliad, one important player in the french telecom space.

They say that is the best deal for french consumers.

All that said, you would be wrong to say it is completely done.

There could be a higher offer and vivendi could stick with the original plan that was to spit it all to that split off to its shareholders -- split off to shareholders.

We are keeping open the possibility of surprises.

The way would be to increase the offer at this point.

They can decide on other factors and the g1 is regulatory risk.

It looks more fully valued and they have proposed reducing the number of mobile players.

That is difficult.

A similar deal is getting significant pushback at the moment.

They are thinking that this is not so good for consumers and will raise consumer prices.

Vivendi could look at a projected regulatory review if this does get flagged through at the end.

The question is if shareholders want to carry it out.

What does this mean for the rest of the telecom landscape?

It means is stabilization to price wars that have been going on and you can get a three g data package in france thanks to what iliad was offering.

It is great for consumers and if you're running a telecommunication company, that is not sustainable.

That doesn't allow you to do the things that the government wants, invest in high-speed networks.

Going to three players holds that.

There's a promise of an and to those price wars and a more stable landscape.

And, of course, for employment.

Thank you so much matt campbell.

The pulse is coming up at the top of the hour and we will keep you updated on the search for the missing airliner.

We will keep you up on the

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