Bouygues Cuts Its 2014 Sales Outlook

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Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports earnings for Bouygues, the French construction, telecom and media conglomerate. She speaks to Mark Barton, Manus Cranny and Anna Edwards on “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Bouygues is a french conglomerate.

The third biggest player in french when it comes to mobile.

-- france when it comes to mobile.

They have had a tough full-time of it.

-- tough old time of it.

They are desperate to either merge or exit the business.

As it stands, it is too competitive in france, there is a price war.

Iliac is shaking things up and bouygues has not managed to perform.

Catch generation has been down.

They are cutting the four-year sales forecast.

The conditions are even tougher.

It will fall to 1%-2%. they are opposite to brazil.

They will have fewer players.

They want to go back to three.

When he doesn't want them to be a leader in the consolidation process, they will think the other three leading telecom providers should leave when it comes to consolidation.

They have the most regulatory issues.

It's about 20% owned by the government.

This is a key concern.

. we want to see whether iliad comes back.

Iliad had a discussion with bouygues and it was rumored today -- it comes down to valuations.

They wanted 7 billion, iliad was offering five to 6 billion.

There was no deal to be done.

There playing a very funny game.

They came in well below what people were familiar with.

Thinking that already sprint had offered.

They thought they could sneak one in.

The same way as -- they our lowballing.

It is a ballsy strategy.

Telecom is in that desperate.

Many are left scratching their heads, thinking -- maybe if they are going to buy assets they won't have the money to start doing it in france.

As it stands, we know earnings are going to be under pressure.

They said, at the moment you have still got plenty of competition.

Many people are worried that this competition we are seeing in mobile phones will spread to landlines, tv.

It's a wonder how much mobile phone prices can come down.

They came down i 40%, you can't go any lower.

-- down by 40%, you can't go any lower.

You have to goget consolidation.


Will probably follow that forecast.

Interesting to see what telefonica will do.

Thanks for that.

We speak to the british chambers

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