Bouygues, Altice Bid for Vivendi’s SFR

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March 6 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports on the two binding offers Vivendi has received for their SFR unit. She speaks to Mark Barton and Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)


It is pitting billionaire against billionaire.

This is the second biggest french phone company for vivendi.

It is the media heart.

We understand that they have put in a binding offer for the parent company.

It is called altice.

It is controlled by a billionaire.

And there is a construction and telecom company.

It is up to them of whether they prefer competition versus cost saving.

We need consolidation.

We need to be able to reduce the players in market in france.

Competition is so fierce.

They have had a price war.

Cost savings would come more week.

You would be able to have many.

If it was bought or a cable company, there will be more competition.

There would be less cost savings.

Regulators to pick up more to it.

You got them looking at about two and $2 billion from what we understand.

They are trying to work out whether they want competition.

The event he has been china focus on media as opposed to telecom.

What are the next steps?

They want to examine these.

What is in their interest?

Already there have been talking about and distributing shares to their shareholder base.

That would be scrapped.

They have got to think about what he would get from regulators?

It is former likely to get the go-ahead from regulators then we would.

They're offering $20 billion.

It is a mixture of debt and liquidity.

Thank you.

Coming up, bear stearns.

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