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Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) –- The Scotch Malt Whisky Society Ambassador Georgie Bell discusses the membership society’s 30th anniversary. She speaks with Adam Johnson, Trish Regan and Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

The scotch malt whiskey society of america celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Americans are dragging 30% more scotch than they did eight years ago.

We are joined by the society's ambassador to america.


From scotland, by the way.

Tell us what this thing is about.

It's a membership club.

We started 30 years ago.

It is our 20th anniversary here.

Our membership society has the largest selection of single malts of anywhere.

Is like fruit of the month, i can sign up and get scotch of the month or week?


We have four to five new whiskeys every three to four weeks.

This is what you get in the mail if you are a membership -- member?

You get a member's handbook.

Every month you get this?

It is a welcome gift.

Every month you get to buy four to five new whiskeys.

It is limited.

You can get as many as 600 bottles.

Why don't you pour is one of these, and we will take a little with -- whiff.

Tell us what makes these special.

It is a bit stronger than average.

It has not been diluted.

Because they're all different, we don't need to standardize them at all.

Hundred and 12 proof -- 112 proof.

[laughter] what is it about scotch?

Americans are dragging 30% more than they did eight years ago.

What is it?

Adam and i both love bourbon.

It smells good.

It is strong.

It is, but that's the point.

It smells delicious.

[laughter] especially on a friday.

What is it about scotch?

It is delicious.

It is not one single flavor.

That is really good.

Thank you so much for being here, ambassador of the scotch malt whiskey society.

Have a great weekend.



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