Bottom Line Solution for a Top Line Problem

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July 19 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Insight & Action," Adam Johnson looks at earnings on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Let us bring it back to companies, earnings, and markets.

Have a bottom-line solution for topline problems.

You learned this week.

All of the topline line sales misses from technology.

For the rest of the economy, american express, coca-cola, this is not good news.

Even more so because of the 100 or so companies that reported so far, nearly 47% have missed on the top line.

That is a real problem and all the more vexing when you consider the fact that stocks are near an all-time high, not just a one-year high, not asked year today hi, an all-time high.

-- not just a year to date high, an all-time high.

You have the s and p at.

The spy, september 169 cost put, all you need is a move between now and the end of september.

You are up money and you protected your portfolio.

Thank you very much.

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