Botched: When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong

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June 23 (Bloomberg) -- Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif discuss the $12 billion plastic surgery industry with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif are the stars of E!'s new series, "Botched." (Source: Bloomberg)

Let's start off by figuring out what exactly is "botched" in connection to the industry and the medical practice.

Prospect surgery is a huge industry and it is being done by all kinds of doctors.

You don't have to be a board-certified lasix surgery -- plastic surgery.

You can do a weekend course, do plastic surgery, but when you were not as a certified plastic surgeon, the convocation rate goes up the roof.

Complications occur and there are durant is results.

What are some of the procedures that based on your experience you found to be the most problematic, that caused the problems for people?

The number one things i deal with his noses -- is noses.

50% of patients with the first-time nose job, that many patients come back needing revision.

The nose does not heal the normal way other body parts he'll.


is this because the person performing the procedure is not qualified or is there a medical followup that what happened no matter who did it?

Sometimes what happens is a lot of doctors perform rhinoplasty that do not have the skill and training because it is very difficult.

It is overaggressive.

They are taking too much cartilage out of the nose.

Once you heal, the nose basically starts to become -- it looks like you had a bad nose to.


B. what are the rules and regulations you should ask people to know before they select a surgeon?

You want to make sure they are a plastic surgeon.

You want to make sure they are certified.

You want to make sure they have a lot of experience.

Great care is a healpfullpful thing for a surgeon to have.

Do your research.

What about the most popular procedures?

It is still probably breast augmentation.

The very nature of breast augmentation, putting a foreign body in a human means it is not stable.

It can heal well but years later or even months later, it can turn into a scarred up mess.

The nature of plastic surgery is that it is surgery and all surgery has obligations associated.

-- complications associated.

What about the rules and regulations as the type of implant that are legal and those that have caused problems in the past?

How do you do with those kinds of things?

For example, when it comes to breast implants or fillers in the face order of toxins like botox, you want to make sure it is fda approved.

You want to make sure you're getting it through the right channels.

Not buying a bunch of implants from canada.

You want to make sure you get the proper and the right, whether it is any one of these products i mentioned.

Hatted you to come together -- how did you two come together?

We of practice together -- we have practiced together.

He worked on a relative of mine.

That is how we met years ago.

We were both on the housewives franchise.

It was incidental.

After a couple of years, i started talking about doing another show together.

What kind of feedback have you gotten?

Very good.

We have both done plastic surgery reality shows.

Those are shows we are making small changes, trying to make people who are good into better.

This is a neat opportunity not only to showcase our skills but to use our combined experience for people who have problems to really do something great for people who are devastated by a plastic surgery complication.

What about the people that may have some kind of disfigurement because of an accident or because of disease or even the kinds of treatments that may be used for treating a disease?

We do a lot of those reconstructive procedures.

On this program, we do patients with that problem was surgery resulting from accidents or surgery on patients with that accidents.

Doing a little research for this segment, i learned that south korea is a market which makes the united states look like a lagger.

What is it about south korea?

Why is this taking place?

The south korean women love having the nose done.

They like having a westernization, make their eyes or nose look more caucasian.

That is extremely popular.

Trends go wild.

One person starts it and it just blows up.

Is there a trend here for the same kind of thing?

You mentioned breast augmentation as well as nose, rhinoplasty.

What is the trend?

It is towards noninvasive procedures.

What is particular comment is taking fat from one area of your body and injecting it into other areas like the butt.

It emulates kim kardashian and in the face.

A lot that transfer to the face.

Is a new area and we are seeing problems with it.

It is exploding at a rate too fast.

What is the problem?

We haven't really figured it out.

It is a procedure that is ahead of its time.

It hasn't gone through the usual learning curve and understanding of the competitions.

-- complications.

The jury is still out about these new procedures.

I would stick to procedures that are time tested and have been around for at least five years and are not the tip of our tongue in terms of advertising and what is hot and new.

What is hot and new today could be bad and dangerous tomorrow.


What is your take on that industry?

There was a takeover battle right now.

Do you see that as continuing growth?

All i know is that -- i nthen the next couple of weeks it will keep going up.

There other companies that are coming out with other products.

If valiant does purchase it, they will own everything.

Valiant just sold a part to another company.

They are vowing not to let this happen so it will be an interesting stock to watch.

Are you still getting a lot of demand for botox?

It is through the roof.

There are two other neurotoxins that does would botox does but as far as i can tell, there is been very little taken away from the botox market itself.

People want to botox.

They love it.

It is getting bigger and bigger.

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