Boston Market Plans All Year for Thanksgiving: CEO

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Nov. 27 (Bloomberg) -- George Michel, CEO of Boston Market, discusses how the company plans for Thanksgiving on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

We have your solution -- boston market.

10,000 hams, 36,000 turkeys, and gallons of gravy.

This year, expecting to do even more.

Tomorrow may be the biggest thanksgiving yet.

We are joined now by ceo george michael, the man that the helm.

These numbers blow my mind.

What does it take?

It takes a lot of planning.

We will start planning for next year monday morning.

Getting feedback from the people who are going to work this thanksgiving and that is why i'm in the field.

I will be working on 10th avenue with my wife so i can learn and see what else they need.

We make changes every year and it is a phenomenal day for us.

Logistically, there is limited space.

What do you do?

Do you have to actually store stuff?

We prep in a commissary but we do bring in mobile freezers and refrigerators.

They come inside for the side orders and we also serve a special meal for $10.99 and you would be amazed, and people come into beat on thanksgiving day.

You have seen growth of 13%- 14% each of the last few years.

Is that really sustainable?

I expect this year we will be up.

We have catering orders in the system and we are very excited.

We are up 10% the whole year so we are very excited about the future potential and the fact that we put this back on track and we have had this and we continue to do very well.

In 1988 filed for bankruptcy, bought by mcdonald's. and you are now private.

It sounds like but this kind of growth it's a good opportunity to think about going back out in the public market.

Is that part of the thinking ec?

We need to continue opening the business and opening new restaurants.

We are planning to open a two 10 next year and we want to look-- open 8 to 10. we're looking at airports as well.

We want to focus on the business . there is some of the food.

I'm told that is back in the

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