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Feb. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Drizly CEO Nick Rellas discusses how you can order liquor with an app. He speaks with Former Verizon Wireless CEO Denny Strigl and Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg Television's “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Nobody else had it, what gave you the idea to do it?

It was a bit of a fascination.

Why is tech made -- technology unable to be in lifestyle?

How do you bring mobile to this industry?

Denny strigl this makes a lot of sense.

You can go into a lot of other industries.

This is a big opportunity to bring a consumer mobile lifestyle to the liquor store experience.

We are pretty focused right here.

Before we talk about the business opportunity, what is it that you do?

What is the blues come from and how quickly can i get it?

You will download the app and set your location.

When you checkout, the order gets sent to a local liquor store that does the delivery for us.

You'll get your order in 20 to 40 minutes.

It could be as little as five to 10 minutes.

It depends on how close you are.

That is amazing.

What about the range of selection?

The liquor store by my location, they have some booze.

But somebody looking for a bottle of old granddad may not get it from my liquor store.

People are becoming more intelligent drinkers.

We are trying to widen the roddick -- product depth.

We do not do any processing our self.

What is your profit equation?

How you make money?

Where does the money come from?

We take a license fee from our retailers.

This is about bringing stores tools to be successful.

We work with our partners in boston and new york.

Do you have to show them that you are generating a certain amount of volume?

Without a doubt.

We are working together and we are partners in this.

Is your thought here that your customers are going to bring new customers by word-of-mouth?

No-call delivery is pretty novel and people like to tell their friends.

We see incredible growth on social media for us.

My twitter handle is@denny strigldrizly.

I've order food and it gets delivered to my front door, is this a similar?

We see ourselves as amazon for alcohol.

You not worry about how they get it to you.

It is the same with us.

We will get it to you.

You do not have to worry about how it gets there.

Warded the name come from?

It was a late night.

We said why doesn't alcohol delivery happened from your smart phone?

You are in boston and new york.

What makes you decide the city you want to be in?

As we are starting to expand, we have to figure out what the right cities are.

We're looking at demographic profiles.

There is a lot of time and effort that goes into different demos and factors of the population density.

You would've the number of liquor stores in an area and make the model profitable for our stores.

Is there part of new york city where it will not work?

Right now in manhattan, from 100th street down, you can have drizly delivered to you.

How soon?

Within the next four weeks you will see us in brooklyn.

How many boys?

-- employees?

We have about 10 people and we are growing towards 20. thank you for coming.

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