Bonaverde's Fresh Approach to Making Coffee

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Nov. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Bonaverde co-founder Felix Artmann explains his company's fresh approach to making coffee. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Revolutionary coffee maker.

I am joined by the cofounder felix hartmann.

Felix, thank you for coming in.

Do you like drinking coffee?

Yes, i do.

I have to say before we started this, i was not a big coffee fan.

Ok, you are a coffee fan.

I'm going somewhere with this.

I have to confess the idea of taking the green bean and roasting them yourself, is that something you would ever find essential to the coffee chain?

No, it was news to me, too, and i think it is for the customers.

Freshness is not something that affects coffee so far and it is a new thing and people like it.

Tell us about the machine you have cocreated.

It takes the coffee from the green bean state, rose sit, and -- roasts it, and grinds it and bruise it.

All from one device.


It is a one-button process.

You get the fresh above coffee in the end.

Who thinks of that?

How did you even get the parts for this thing?

We look for pending patents all over the world.

There was a couple dozen, many of them in asia, actually.

We went there, check out the technology.

We found our green partner there.

We took it from german engineering and developed it.

You are based in berlin, right?


You got the idea for the coffee maker.

What about the kick stopper -- kick started to raise the money?

We wanted to show people out there who want such a machine -- so kickstart or start a pool to show that there was a market.

You've got the beans and you got the connection to the farmers.

Tell us about that.

We wanted to set up a community platform.

It is a marketplace for green beans.

It is the gap between the customer and the farmer.

So, we want interaction.

What i have encountered, if you go to a restaurant, you know where your wine comes from.

You know where your tea comes from.

Coffee is just copy.

You have no idea who produced it or where it came from.

As far as the connection goes, you offer this thing that makes coffee in 12 minutes.

That is the best thing supposedly about it.

It does make the coffee.

But what happens with all of the -- they call it the chaff that comes off of the beans?

Isn't there a smell?

Isn't the roasting of the copy something you want to leave to the factory or no?

It was a challenge to get rid of the smoke.

There were different filters.

We have a specific company that does a special filter for us.

I think the smell is pretty nice as long as you do not have the smoke.

In the end, it is -- how can i say -- is it smooth?

It boils down and -- the fresher the coffee, the less bitterness.

You do not get a stomach ache.

So it is a mild and natural taste.

Do you have a favorite coffee that you drink?

My favorite coffee is from costa rica.

It has a nice flavor, it it is chocolatey.

I like that.

Kickstart her, you are donating money.

You donate $10,000, you get a trip to one of the coffee farms.


You can that what ever you want.

We want to show that people support the idea.

We have different packages out there.

The best selling is the machine, of course.

Let's have a cup of coffee.

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