BofA Said to Cut 1,300 More Mortgage Unit Jobs

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Oct. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Deirdre Bolton reports on today's top news headlines on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Jobs from its mortgage division according to people with direct knowledge of the plan.

They say the bank is adjusting to lower demand.

John cuts affect workers in charlotte, north carolina.

Even schwartzman is in beijing at a ceremony for his scholarship program.

He told bloomberg he remains a significant player in the housing market.

We have stopped our raid of buying decreased, we are still purchasing, we bought $100 million of homes last week.

That speaks to the scale at which we operate.

That is part of the slowdown.

We have made a very big appreciation.

We think the housing markets will continue to appreciate that not of the same rate.

Things do not go up 25% a year.

Even if they are down 40%. so we think housing appreciation will continue.

Even if interest rates go up a little bit.

Pimco says fellow billionaire investor carl icahn should stop pushing apple for additional share buybacks.

He said he should spend more of his time like bill gates and helping people.

Icahn said apple should buy back one hundred $50 billion worth of shares and he has increased his holding in the company to four point 7 million shares.

We are going to continue, focused smaller, this website

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