BofA’s Moynihan Underpaid by 30% in 2013: Crystal

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April 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Laura Marcinek discusses executive pay on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Return that was two points above the s&p 500 gain.

Maybe they will have a way to make it up to him this year.

For more on the best and worst compensated ceos, we are joined by laura.

You compared the salaries of 177 top executives?

That's right.

They crunched numbers from 2013 sales and total returns versus the snp.

He spit out the going rate for each ceo.

Brian moynihan's with 30% below.

He is an company here.

There are other ceos that are well underpaid.

There are.

We have ceos at morgan stanley, bank of new york, ups -- they all had returns that exceeded the s&p last year but had paid that was below the going rate.

What about the overpaid ceos?

There are plenty of those.

We had coca-cola, citigroup, ford, at&t -- they had returned that lagged the s&p and pay going over the rate.

These are all interesting numbers.

We love to hear what top executives get paid.

The impact of this study or the results of this?

Ceo pay will almost always go up when a company's performance

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