Boeing Said to Near $9.2B in Jet Orders

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July 15 (Bloomberg) –-Bloomberg’s Anna Edwards reports on what we can expect today at the Farnborough Air Show outside of London. She speaks to Jonathan Ferro on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)



airbus really winning day one with $21 billion worth of orders and commitments against boeing's 7.7 billion.

New engine version of a classic 20-year-old aircraft.

As a real theme we are seeing in aviation, taking older aircraft and putting the rent is on them to produce something more up-to-date.

Could we see other companies come forward and place orders for that new 8330 neo -- a330 neo?

Leasing companies could be the ones to watch.

People familiar are telling bloomberg got to leasing companies in particular could place an order for more than 9 billion u.s. dollars today.

That is air lease corporation boc aviation.

Watch those to purchase the 737 maxi single aisle jet.

Lease is definitely in the drivers seat.

Overcapacity has been an issue.

Maybe -- he said that it was an issue for the legacy european carriers and actually they were experiencing at qatar airways was under capacity because of the delivery delays they experience on a350 and the 380. it is been a story of no-shows in terms of some of the aircraft that have been on display.

No lightning two fighter jets.

The fifth-generation aircraft we had been expecting, lockheed and others, has not made it.

We still don't know if it will come by the end of the week.

It doesn't seem to have stood in a way of their orders, because they announce a number of orders for the regional jet yesterday.

Interesting business model there . they're trying to fill the gap between regional jets and the smaller low-cost airline jets.

Really, that is where a lot of the focus has been in terms of the aircraft that are here.

A few disappointments about some of the aircraft that have not shown up,jon.

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