Boeing: We Are Fully Cooperating With the NTSB

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July 08 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson reports the ongoing investigation into the Asiana flight 214 crash and the response from Boeing. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

First, i want to show you what they have said with regard to this specific accident.

Number one, they have extended their deepest condolences to the families and victims of the incident.

The technical teams are on site now.

I did indeed speak with the ceo boeing on the relaunched -- ceo of boeing, this is what he said it was like to deal with the problem at that point.

When things like this happen, we are galvanized.

The mission is to produce the best technology, there are glitches, people do not -- not sleep.

Quite an understatement.

He told me that when they were dealing with these questions, he had literally hundreds of engineers working on this.

You can imagine right now, a crash where lives are involved, they are doing everything in their capability to figure out . look at their backlog, it speaks for itself.

The 787 is the largest , what you're seeing right there is the data.

The 747, that iconic image, the lives and safety of everyone on the flight is important to them.

Well put.

Thank you, adam johnson.

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