Boeing Rebounds as Battery Not Seen as Fire Starter

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July 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Alix Steel reports that Boeing shares have seen a bit of a bounce back after the jet's battery is not being viewed as a factor in last week's fire in the U.K., but the company continues to face many challenges with the Dreamliner. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Cracks they did quite a big one.

The stock is up in a pre-market.

It wiped out about 4 billion from the market cap on friday.

It could take as long as a week to find the problem.

Government agencies and ethiopian airlines will be helping regulators.

It explained extensive he damaged in the upper fuselage.

Far from the batteries location on the plane.

At is the good news.

The bad news is it does not mean it is an easy fix.

It is one more strike against the 787. an aerospace analyst says it highlights that there are still plenty of other ways for the plane to get injured and potentially open other systems to review.

This fire is just the latest on an ever-growing list of issues.

United airlines was artie had celine -- canceling flights as four times as often as the rest of the fleet.

The result is that these new jets remain prone to these breakdowns.

What does that mean for the bottom line?

The 787 is really important.

They had delivered 66 dime winners but had a backlog of over 800 planes.

-- dreamliner is a but had a backlog of over 800 planes.

It represents three percent of the backlog.

It could represent $30 billion in nominal earnings over time.

It is critical that companies still want the plane.

Two things that will help them.

Ask the county.

The plane has a 20% boost in fuel economy.

These are 30 year decisions that airlines are making.

If the uk examines and clears the plane, it could to really restore confidence and make this an isolated component issue.

Thank you.

Alix steel, our market reporter.

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