Boeing and Airbus Face Off at Farnborough Air Show

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July 14 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Anna Edwards discusses some of the big themes at the Farnborough Air Show. She speaks on “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

That is because boeing is giving the customer what it wants.

It is modifying its 730 72 seed as many as 200 people -- 737 to seat as many as 200 people.

The ceo told bloomberg about balancing production with demand.

In our mind, we are lagging demand, not exceeding demand.

That is the way the game is usually played.

You keep a backlog, yet satisfy customers as quickly as you can without getting over the front of your skis.

Yield is important for airlines and so are many other things.

Let's find out what the big themes are.

Anna, what are you hearing?

Good to see you.

I have to say that we have had announcements from boeing, they have been talking about doing a deal with monaco airlines.

That is one of the charter carriers in the u.k. not an enormous carrier.

Airbus seizing the early headlines.

They have announced a new plan.

You were talking about the low cost airlines.

This is about wide-body wars.

If you want to carry people a little bit further, you might be looking for something with single aisle and only two engines.

This is something that might be in answer to the dreamliner from airbus.

They have announced the a3 30-neo.

They are taking an older aircraft and putting new engines on it and try to see if that will appeal.

It is certainly appearing -- appealing to some customers.

A big order has been placed.

The boss at atc saying the pricing was too compelling to it nor.

-- ignore.

Air asia, all eyes are on them tomorrow.

I recently spoke to the boss there and he has been talking about wanting this aircraft for a very long time.

He called it a killer aircraft when i talk to him last week.

Aircraft manufacturers are giving customers what they want, that is what airbus is trying to do here.

Cramming as many people into the aircraft is possible.

Generally, the scene here, it is a beautiful sunny day here, west of london.

Everyone is out in their sharp suits and aviators.

It is a beautiful day for an air show.

Long-haul, low-cost.

It sounds terribly uncomfortable.

That is where the action is.

We are hearing a lot of buzz about the a-350. what are we hearing about that on the ground?

Cutter airways -- qatar airways has three aircraft they are displaying here.

They have a big presence here.

They have confirmed that they are going to take the a-350 on schedule.

I just spoke to the ceo and he was saying that they are hoping they will not slip again and that they will receive it on time.

They're also waiting for a-380. they're waiting for those deliveries there.

They're tightlipped about what is wrong with the plan.

They keep saying it is something to do with the interior and that is all the clues they are giving.

They are talking to airbus about this.

They believe it is airbus' fault.

Qatar is angry because they believe it is airbus' fault.

I was talking about the relationship.

Are they getting on with anyone any better at the moment?

He was playing it calm and being the politician and suggesting they had pretty good relationships with both.

You could see he was kind of angry with airbus management over the a-380.

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