Boeing 777x Production Riding on Machinists Vote

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Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on Boeing's union contract negotiations. (Source: Bloomberg)


Machinists and the state of washington.

Today unions are going to vote for a third time on the dutch on whether or not to approve a contract to begin production next year on the seven heavens seven wide-body jet -- 777 wide- body jet.

If they say no, boeing will move production to another state, and washington itself has downgraded the credit rating so much but that is what is at stake here.

We are looking at a very strong backlog for the company and the industry, and boeing has already moved back over to the east coast.

I think they are clearly trying to reset what has been a legacy of benefits in regards to pension.

I think if they are successful with this, i do not think it is a major chain, adam miller has already done this with a lot of their workforce -- so the 777 takes all the technology and fuel efficiency of the 787 dreamliner and makes it eager.

So boeing already has over 300 orders on the books, some of the biggest buyers so far.

Here's boeing's chief at the dubai on a show in november.

This was a very big show for boeing.

That a response is then overwhelming.

We have secured lunch commitments for 259 airplanes for four of the world most highly respected heil -- airlines, representing the

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