Boeing 737 Latest Source of Safety Concern

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board began a formal investigation into the Southwest Airlines Co. accident yesterday at New York’s LaGuardia airport that injured eight and disrupted traffic. Adam Johnson and Trish Regan report on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Collects a boeing 737 skidded to a halt -- a boeing 737 skidded to a halt at lagarde @ airport last night.

Some are wondering whether the boeing brand can withstand another crisis.

It seems like bowling may actually be ok year.

Walk us through what they're saying.

Let me first share with you the statement from boeing, because i think that frames the information -- this situation.

Again, this is the statement from boeing.

The year is why they framed it that way.

They make parts for airplanes.

The landing gear was made by united technologies.

It is not a piece of bowling equipment.

You can understand from that context that it is not a growing problem.

That is why they are saying they will provide technical assistance.

Isn't it that the buck stops here.

At the end of the day, it is a boeing plane.

You can understand that notion, and yes tomaghi stock is at an all-time high -- and yes, the stock is an all-time high today.

The pilots missed the runway by three football fields in the asiana flight.

You can bet the ntsb was talking about the competency of the pilot.

In the incident where the transponder caught fire, that is made by honeywell.

And even the batteries were admittedly made by the japanese company.

But in the 787, of some of the you have to take responsibility.

And that is the question, ultimately, you have to take responsibility.

The guess we had on a show spoke with bloomberg print and noted that of all of the accident that could happen to an airliner, the one that is least concerning to the pilots is a loss of the nose landing gear.

You can see the plane sitting upright, the wings are not damaged.

The fuselage is still sitting upright.

The airplane, which is what boeing makes, did its job.

It caught everyone on the ground safely.

But it comes at a time when boeing is dealing with bad headlines.

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