Boehner Urges Obama to Sit Down for Talks

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Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Phil Mattingly reports on the rising concern over the debt limit in Washington as the political impasse continues. He speaks with Susan Li on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The line.

Are there any meetings or talks planned?

This is the big problem everybody is looking at.

Even if the rhetoric is still hot, there is still meetings going on behind the scene.

Even if it is just on the a's level.

There are no talks going on.

With 10 days left, the concern is starting to rise.

What about some cracks on the republican side?

John boehner said he does not have enough votes to get a clean pending bill through.

There are some more moderate republican saying let's get serious.

That is very true.

I think what you have is a group of republicans who are very aware of the economic consequences of not raising the debt ceiling.

What they are trying to do is either using this for a leverage point in negotiations.

They feel like this is their only way to get anything out of the administration.

They do not see taking this off until the end of the week.

Right now the blame from polls we have seen in the u.s. style is it is a mind totally with the republicans.

Are there any size they may have to give up their stance on obamacare?

At least attaching it to any sort of fiscal budget agreement.

They are definitely seeing the polls.

They have seen the numbers.

They know where this is going.

You're seeing the focus moving over to the debt ceiling.

There is an understanding that the health care law is not the initiative they are going to land on.

There's no way there will be a break in the administration.

They're going to look for entitlement reform to cut spending a little more.

Health care laws probably not the target anymore.

They are not backing off of this fight.

You have to look at this.

What the republicans are trying to do is a nonstarter for the obama administration.

U.s. president has said this is not negotiable.

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