Boehner Offers Temporary Debt-Ceiling Hike

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Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Julianna Goldman updates the latest news on the U.S. government shutdown. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Them at the negotiating table.

Julianna goldman is in washington with more.

Does speaker john banner think?

This will work this is the message he is taking today when he goes to the white house at 445 p.m. eastern time.

What this plan would do is extend the debt ceiling through november 22. it would perhaps set up a fight around thanksgiving.

Announcing the plan today, house speaker johnboehner said this proposal is meeting the president halfway and it's up to the president to show some leadership.

What we want to do is offer the president today the ability to move.

A temporary increase in the debt ceiling, an agreement to go to conference on the budget and for his willingness to sit down and the skies with us away forward to reopen the government and start to deal with america's pressing problems3 . this is why i say it is sort of a clean debt ceiling bill because they want to raise the debt ceiling for six weeks in exchange for negotiations on a budget, something to reopen the government.

This is what they will bring to the president today at 4:35 p.m.. will the white house go along with this?

Jay carney is speaking right now at the daily press briefing and he said this is an encouraging sign and says he is happy that cooler heads seem to be prevailing in the house.

The president strongly prefers a long-term solution but he indicates this is something that the president would sign.

All along, the white house has been saying is that raising the debt ceiling is congress's responsibility.

They would prefer to have the threat of the default taken off the table for an extended period of time but this is the way congress wants to operate, the president will keep signing short-term debt ceiling increases.

Where this gets tricky is because you can see a scenario where you have a six week extension of the debt ceiling but the white house says there is no negotiating over funding the government and the shutdown.

The president wants to see the shutdown and before he gets to the negotiating table.

He does not want the government shut down because the white

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