Boehner Blinks on Immigration as Debt Ceiling Looms

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Feb. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg chief Washington correspondent Peter Cook reports on the latest news on the debt ceiling battle and the future of immigration reform on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Phrase goes, where are the public and getting up the money to make the military happy?

Tom, it is not even certain that that is the provision the republicans will fight.

I talked to a top republican yesterday, he does not like that idea.

The notion here, tom, is that speaker boehner has to come up with something to show for their efforts before they can agree to a debt ceiling increase, but right now, you cannot get to any sort of agreement among his own troops, among his house republican conference, so at the end of the day, much greater likelihood here is that we are looking at a clean debt ceiling increase but we have got to get there and the clock is ticking.

Unlike all the previous ones as you and i talked about, there is not a lot of time this time.

There is much less wiggle room this time around.

Peter, and of the weekend, i have never seen such gloom in the papers about the republicans.

Not only the debt ceiling this organization, but also immigration knocked dead.

Who is a supporting john boehner?

I can tell you among republicans, they are all in a better mood today because of john boehner's decision.

The republicans i spoke to over in the house.

What has happened here is tom boehner and a lot of the house republican conference would like to move forward with immigration reform.

They know it is important to their presidential ambitions down the road, but in a midterm election year, his numbers are worried about their own highs, their own electoral chances, so they do not want to tackle it this year because they think they are teed up for a pretty good year.

Why inject this issue into the election mix this year?

What giant -- what john boehner decided to do yesterday is to blame and put this off to the next year and satisfy his members, even though he understands it is not the move they should be making at this time.

Peter, speaker boehner use an interesting analogy to explain how difficult it is to get republicans together on a single issue.

Listen -- mother teresa is a saints now, but you know, if the congress wanted to make her a saints and attach that to the debt ceiling, we probably cannot get 218 republican votes.

[laughter] ok, so the jokes are there, but what can get done given that the midterm elections are coming up in november?

What will they unite around?

I will tell you, scarlet, that is a good question.

Nancy pelosi asked the question yesterday.

Maybe you should pack up and go home.

Without immigration as a real legislation cobblers become it is hard to see what else they are going to get done of substance.

The president signing a farm bill into law today, finishing that up in michigan, there is not a lot out there.

They're going to basically be campaigning between now and the midterm elections.

There is no substantive, big- ticket item that you can see.

Maybe they will talk a little but about housing reform, but nobody sees that happening this year as well.

What kind of republican strategy is this, adding a concession for adding a concession's sake?

It is all setting a template for future debt ceiling fights.

The interesting thing, christina, is they can't even have a clean debt ceiling, they don't even try to attach something else to it.

The dust that a template for the future.

The democrats will say this is how you did it last time, this is how you should do a going forward.

History is important here in the future is important as well post a peter cook, thank you so much.

Republicans retreat this weekend.

Jon golub with us at rbc capital markets.

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