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Feb. 28 (Bloomberg) –- Olympic Medalist Jamie Greubel and U.S. Olympic Medalist Steve Langton discuss how they went from the L-SATs and Track and Field to the medal podium at the Sochi Games. They speak to Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You get involved in this event?

You're going down an icy wrong, in a bobsled, at 85 miles per hour.

I have always had a crazy competitive nature.

I was just in the right place at the right time as you said before.

I ran track in college, and a teammate of mine who was a couple years older joined the men's team.

I'm in the women's team and got amazed that i would be crazy enough to try it.

It was a crazy moment.


A crazy moment for you too?

I just got lucky.

I ran track and field in college, at about 225 pounds, which is borderline obese for the launch of -- long jump.

I sought out a sport that would enter the blade for what i had to offer.

Running in pushing something so that it goes 90 miles per hour?

Pushing a heavy sled.

We should put reindeer antlers on you.

What is it like to go down the track?

I.r. number my first ride vividly.

I was convinced the sled was broken.

It is so much more violent and uncomfortable than you could ever imagine.

Major vibration?

Major vibration and we have to wear helmets and mouthguards.

We wear a bird invest as well which is a kevlar vest, so we have some production -- protection.

How do you move the bobsled around?

It seems like a cumbersome and expensive proposition.

We are out there moving 400 solids -- house led by our selves.

There is no way one person can move this led by themselves.

It is definitely a hold team effort.

There is a teammate that you're closer to than other teammates.

And they are in competition with other several -- several other people.

Your fiance.

My fiancee is on the chairman and -- german man's bobsled team.

We started talking and realized we had a lot in common, and shared this same goal and dream of becoming an olympian.

One thing led to another and here we are engaged and getting ready to get married this summer.


And competed against her fiance?

I have.

He is a great guy and competes for a very competitive team.

What itis at about the u.s. team this year that brought home so the medals?

People bring out the best for the olympic year.

It is going to take great equipment, which we have, you need a great driver, which steve holcomb is one of the best in the world, and is jamie, and he needed great push, and that's where we come in.

What is the difference between the driver and the pusher?

A lot more possibility when i switched from being a brick into a driver.

In the beginning, before you make the world cup tv or financially responsible for getting your team around to all of the lower circuits before you earn your way up to world cup.

The responsibility of driving this led safety down the hill.

And bobsled, when you make a mistake of you are not only punishment link but you're punished physically as well.

That is a lot of responsibility.

Thank you for joining us.

Bronze medalists.

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