Bob’s Daily Buzzword: `Variable MLP’

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Sept. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bob Rice, general managing partner with Tangent Capital Partners LLC, explains "Variable MLPs." (Source: Bloomberg)

Have been investing in them -- mlps are a special creature.

Back when they were able to pass things, they passed a bunch of legislation.

Back when they actually worked.

[laughter] they created mlps, which created a nice investor vehicle to spur energy infrastructure.

The ability to grow their business and forgo income over time, which offsets interest- rate growth.

It is a larger field or larger scope.

This is pipeline.

It is very easy to get this -- to get visibility going forward.

Variable mlps are different creatures.

They actually have exposure to the underlying commodity prices, which traditional nlp is usually do not.

As a result of that, what you can expect is that it ain't necessarily so with variable rate mlps.

Traditional ones have been steady.

We can bring up a chart, we will show you that where those traditional ones that's our study, the variables 1 -- traditional ones are steady, the variable ones have been a little bit all over the lot.

People looking at investing in these should understand the difference between the things they come to know and love, regular mlps and this kind, regular variable mlps.

We thank you for the political commentary, as well.

Bryce joining me there from

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