Bob's Daily Buzzword: `SaaS'

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bob Rice, general managing partner with Tangent Capital Partners LLC, explains "Software as a Service." (Source: Bloomberg)

We're focused on software as a service and this is linked to apple's earnings.

How is that?

Because apple has more of an ecosystem, not just selling you a piece of hardware.

It is what it sounds like.

Instead of downloading a piece on a given device, you can actually access the application from multiple devices and the application and data live in the clouds.

One of the beauties is that it is sold as a subscription, not just the one time fee.

What is interesting is to look at how they pivoted note to the model, like sales force, which was on the web to begin with, and now all school companies, like adobe, who would restore please tell you software from your pc and sell it to you.

It has for disability, but also piracy.

How does it tie back?

Iphone that tethers you to the cloud, tethers you into the system, it is more valuable than a hardware sale, like it might be from samsung, of which has the same devices for storage, where you share everything across your life in one particular cloud.

As we often speak about matt apple, applications and ease of use are two elements -- speak about with apple, applications and ease of use are two important elements.

Along with a couple of other companies, they have the consumer trust to say -- my application and data can live in that cloud, which is why they have advantages that frequently do not show up in these earnings reports when you look at device sales.

Which is good to know, we know that tim cook is under a lot of pressure.

No one can innovate like steve jobs can innovate.

Apple does have these powerful long-term strategic it manages.

You cannot get to flummoxed because the sales on up or down percentage points.

What is your take?

What will be the next big thing?

I think they have got addicted to the luxury for the masses brand, of which is very unique.

I think you will see them continue to push and push on the ecosystem of devices.

Thank you as always.

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