Bob's Daily Buzzword: `Angel Syns'

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Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bob Rice, general managing partner with Tangent Capital Partners LLC, explains "Angel Syndicate." (Source: Bloomberg)

Syndicates in this is up -- this is in early development.

It allows angel to pull their money and become micro vcs.

Is important because of the potential to disrupt the venture capital community, it is also important because it allows good angels to develop a following.

That allows them to do a lot of things, including calling -- including controlling around.

I don't get to be the lead ago shooter on the round.

I don't visit the values or the terms.

If i come to the table with all of the money that the month -- that the company needs, i get to have a much more influential role.

The guy who leads that syndicate, that is really valuable.

Into list is one example.

-- angel list is one example of how this is taking place.

Believe the charge on this right now.

-- they lead the charge on this right now.

It reads a tremendous amount of buzz in the early stage community.

That syndicator gets to act as the bc because he gets to carry -- angel list gets five percent of the typical 20% kerry.

He gets to assemble a bunch of people, look around, make an investment, control at around.

He is acting as a microbe bc.

Angel carries or kittinger -- angel carries or angel capital is a huge part of the tech ecosystem.

It is a huge and really underappreciated element.

Approximately 20 -- approximately $22 billion per year in start ups, that is a pretty much -- that is pretty much equal to all of the venture capitals.

Now what is happening because of the professionalization of platforms like dust, people are finding the deals.

It really is changing the landscape.

It also seems like the lines are blurring between the super angel or a syndicated super angel -- many people were saying the lower quality firms will be out of business because now a super angel -- somebody will have a main brand in the space.

They can go out and do their deal.

What are the vcs going to do you go the answer is we have a lot more value and it is true.

We help higher, we help with strategic advice, we help with

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