Bob McDonnell Indicted on 14 Counts of Fraud

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Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Peter Cook reports on Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell being indicted on fourteen counts of fraud, conspiracy, and obstruction. He speaks with Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

As a potential republican presidential candidate, certainly a vice presidential possibility.

Now he and his wife, just a few days out of office face 14 felony counts of excepting gifts, loans, and other illegal contributions.

This was from a richmond area businessman.

There has been controversy surrounding governor mcdonnell and his final year in office and now the u.s. attorney has filed these charges against bob mcdonnell.

It is a stunning turn of events for someone who is mentioned in the top crop of governors around the country.

He is a former attorney general in the commonwealth of virginia and now he is staring at 14 counts from the federal government.

He has maintained his innocence all along and he acknowledged making mistakes in accepting gifts from johnny williams.

According to the washington post statement, he is repeating emphatically that he did nothing illegal in exchange for those gifts, what he thought were personal gifts to him from johnny williams.

He is pledging to fight this in court.

Latest turn of events in a high profile political scandal in the commonwealth of virginia.

He just gave up the job on january 11. he is a new governor, one of the first things that terry mcauliffe did was to announce changes on gifts that members of his administration and future demonstrations could receive there in the state of virginia.

What are we talking about, a bottle of champagne, golf clubs, a for ari?

It is interesting that you mention a for ari because at one point bob mcdonald allegedly borrowed johnny williams for ari for a return trip home from a resort area back to the governor's mansion but it is a long list of things and it began as soon as he became governor.

Right around the time of the inauguration.

His wife requested help in paying for her dress for the inauguration and she was able to go on a roughly 16 17,000 shopping spree in new york on johnny williams dine according to the indictment and again, since that time, bob mcdonnell has repaid this money but the question is was inappropriate in the first place?

It says that the defendants participated in a scheme to use the official position as a governor to enrich the defendants and their family members by soliciting and obtaining payments, loans, gifts and other things of value from star scientific in exchange for robert mcdonald and the office of virginia performing official actions on an as needed basis a lot more to come out of this investigation.

A lot of questions.

Thank you very much.

He is using power to enrich

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