Bo Xilai Calls Wife Crazy in Corruption Trial

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Aug. 23 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Roundup," Bloomberg's Matt Miller, Adam Johnson, Julie Hyman and Deirdre Bolton wrap up the top market moves on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

That is about one third of the rate right now.

Let me take it overseas for a moment here.

International attention focused on syria and the alleged use of them ago weapons against own people.

Opposition groups accuse the government of carrying out an attack that killed 1300 people.

He said the report is something that reward choir america's attention.

Of course, they are not granting that.

A lot of people think they expect direct military action to come soon.

It looks like you could see rock obama do something he does not want to do, using the military to intervene in yet another country.

It is very messy.

Russia supports syria and a ran.

You don't want to cross certain lines.

You point out russia's support there, they don't have the same sort of team spirit, but they have supplied this.'s with antiaircraft weapons and antimissile weapons.

We are concerned with flying the military in there because we could lose some soldiers there.

He is going down fighting, it is crazy and spoke under duress when she detailed the dispute that led to his ouster.

Removed as party secretary last year after allegations of his involvement in the 2011 murder.

It is hard to know exactly what is happening.

It is almost becoming he said, she said.

It seems to be embarrassing for the political establishment in china.

This is such a public display.

The whole point on the people associated with him, china was ago -- suppose to go back to a more traditional place.

It is an embarrassment.

They have started releasing live updates in the form of a microblog.

Telling everybody what he is saying.

Normally these are kept very quiet and he shows up downtown.

Now they are letting him make that point.

A lot of them are executed chinese dissidents.

Here you have a trial that is going to go basically the same way.

They are at least letting him get the word out.

My wife is crazy, she is telling a lot of lies.

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