Bo: Wang Lijun Can't Be Trusted

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Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) –- It's the fifth day of testimony in the Bo Xilai trail. And as Bloomberg's Stephen Engle explains, official say the trial is showing unprecedented transparency. He speaks with Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television's "On The Move Asia." (Source: Bloomberg)

This case and all of these sorted if not salacious details coming from the charismatic bo xilai, disputing the evidence of a number of different pieces of evidence put forward by the prosecution, including this $3.2 million french riviera villa that he says he knew nothing about.

He called his wife's testimony laughable and inadmissible in court because he says she tells lies and maybe and -- may be mentally unstable.

He admitted to an extramarital affair.

Over the weekend, there was the face-off with his formal police chief -- former police chief as the two quibbled over the details of a fight the two men had when bo learned of his wife killing neil heyward.

Did he punch him in the face or was it merely a slap?

It was fascinating stuff to read.

The real story is the orchestration of the trial by the party and the preservation of the power of the party.

No one really thinks that bo xilai is defending himself here in order to get off of these charges.

A guilty verdict pretty much a foregone conclusion.

The party is trying to show, showed to the people -- show to the people that this as an know -- that this is an open and transfer and trial.

We saw through these internet transcripts, a lot of transparency, but over the next few days and through the weekend, the transcripts were fewer and far between.

Insiders say there was much more censorship going on as the passages released to the public were delayed, maybe water down a bit.

Still loyalists and also some family members appear to be satisfied that at least bo has been able to speak and defend himself fairly vigorously.


Is there anything really, any particularly it -- any particular bit of testimony that stood out over the weekend for you?

I think the face-off with the police chief that fled to the u.s. consulate, it really set this whole scandal in motion by spilling the beans to the american officials there.

Wong says his body twitched and he started bleeding after bo punch him.

Bo says, i did not punch him.

He did not have the strength to punch him.

Very interesting details.

It is a sideshow, perhaps a distraction to the real story, and that is the corruption charges and the legitimacy of the party.

Bo gave some very interesting insights, but at the end of the day, bo pretty much disputed all of the evidence put forward by the prosecution.

The judge asked him three times yesterday -- is the testimony from the witnesses accurate?

Or inaccurate?

He said to all of them, no, it is not accurate.

Thanks for that.

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