Bo Disputes Ex-Police Chief's Testimony

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Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg's David Ingles reports on the latest accusations and testimony from the Bo Xilai trial on Bloomberg Television's "First Up." (Source: Bloomberg)

He has refused to lay his allotted role in a show trial.

They have been looking at the court action.

We are joined live.

This is certainly turning out to not be what people expected.

It is important to make a distinction.

He is trying to refute the evidence.

In no ways does this mean he is challenging the leadership.

What we had on sunday, it is the sum of pattern we have seen for the past several days.

The prosecution rings and a witness.

He tries to discredit it.

He is the same guy who temporarily fled to the u.s. with evidence linking the murder.

The allegation was that he covered up his wife's role in the crime.

He said while this is full of receipt, he is not trustworthy.

He went as far as saying letting the guy testify repaired the system.

He was asked three times about this.

He said they are aligned.

This did cause them to lose faith.

What is this report that he punishes former police chief?

It made the rounds on the internet and social media and china.

He said he was punched in the face when he came forward with the possibility that his wife was responsible for the murder.

He was hit.

His mouth started to bleed.

He felt something jerking through his ears.

He did not dispute that he lost his temper.

Another thing was that he did not punch one.

He only slapped him in the face.

He said he never trained in boxing.

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