BMW to Spend Billions Buying Samsung SDI Batteries

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July 15 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols reports on BMW, the world’s largest maker of luxury cars, agreeing to spend billions of euros increasing its orders of Samsung SDI batteries that will go inside its line of electric vehicles. He speaks to Jonathan Ferro and Caroline Hyde on Bloobmerg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)


How big is this order?

What the company says is they talk about billions of euros.

It really comes down to how many cars, how money i.e. its and the all electric eye threes, how many will they sell and how well will they sell against models like tesla.

We talk about the auto sector here, and between bmw, audi and mercedes, this is a subset of that.

It is between audi, bmw and tesla and mercedes.

When you think about competition in the electric and hybrid space.

The company that won the order is samsung sdi, that is a unit of the samsung unit.

It was up from 2.6%. the question in all this growth of hybrids, it could reach a .2 million by 2020. that would be about 7% of all passenger cars.

The global market for the automotive lithium ion batteries, we're talking about some 4.4 billion to 21 billion.

It is 40% of the cars cost.

A remarkable amount of infrastructure goes into this investment.

Here is your german lesson for the day.

The germans have two different words for rechargeable batteries and the battery so you throw away.

They call these are accus.

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