BMW’s Future Vision of Luxury: A Hybrid Automatic?

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April 16 (Bloomberg) -- Ian Robertson, board member at BMW, talks with Matt Miller from the New York Auto Show about their new lineup of vehicles, production in the United States and their move into hybrid vehicles on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

I hear you.

The six series is a bigger car than the others that they have on offer, but i will ask them.

A real pleasure having you here.

I just checked out the cards you have here and there are some amazing ones.

Our guest host, barry ritholtz, once a six series with a manual transmission.

Can you make it happen?

Anything can happen.

But the paddle shift is more than normal.

You have been driving the end series lately.


A nice, matt keller, the car looks superb.

The drive, performance, everything you would be -- you would expect from a high-performance vehicle.

I highly recommend anyone in the new york area to come by and check it out.

Let's talk about some of the other cars you are debuting.

You have a convertible that is squarely aimed at the american market.

Yes, the convertible market, this is the biggest in the world.

From that point of view, you marry these two things together and this car is ideal for this environment.

I think we will see great sales as a result this year.

And nx for -- an x-4, the smaller suv.

Is it really that explosive?

We had great success with the ex-six.

It has done 250,000 sales in the past couple of years.

We think the x-4 will do the same.

X-3 has been sold out everywhere it is in the world.

I wonder about other plants, the possibility that there may be another north american factory.

Is bmw deciding on that tackle we have effectively -- deciding on that?

We have effectively doubled the past few years.

That will be our biggest plant in the world.

But we also have the high cost problem that we are reaching our production limits in virtually every plant we have across the world.

At some point, we will be looking to invest further in manufacturing capacity.

And there are many options.

But no decisions as of yet.

Mexico an option?

No decisions yet.

Let me get back to the six series issue that very brought up.

I think if i were going to get an m3, for example, i would have to have a stick.

Are you going to phase out manual transition should -- manual transmissions across the board?

It is too early to say that, but having said that, in the majority of our costs, particularly as you get further up into the bigger cars, people are taking automatics and using paddle shifts and electronics on all of the m cars.

It is obviously easier for a lot of people and you have the best of both worlds.

I think it is in a position where it is becoming the minority.

People are also looking to drive cars that have electric drive trains, hybrid drivetrains . you have the x fives over there that you are debuting in the hybrid model.

Is that the future?

You have these incredible electrics that we will talk about in a second.

Particularly in an urban environment with legislation all around the world beginning to push co2 down and miles per gallon up, zero emissions are definitely on the government agenda.

And the ability to do an additional 10 to 20 or 30 miles will become more important.

Plug-in hybrids, we will bring that technology to the market place.

This will be the start of many.

Does it hold onto to the bmw driving characteristics you would expect?

Can it still be the ultimate driving machine?

Of course, this is in the dna of the company.

Everything we do is that way.

The eye three has been on the market for four months and everyone is blown away by the excitement of the driving situation with it.

And that is an electric drive.

I have been driving an i8 in its last phase.

You lucky dog.

Someone has to do it.

It's a tough job.

It has a gasoline engine on the rear axle and electric motor on the front axle.

It performs like a sports car, but when you needed, zero emissions.

And when you don't need it, it is 82 gap -- 82 miles to the gallon.

I cannot wait until that goes protocol.

It makes me think about tesla.

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