BMW Aims Big With Launch of Latest Mini

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Nov. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Colin Coleman, head of South Africa office at Goldman Sachs, talks with Francine Lacqua about today’s launch of the newest BMW Mini. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”


We saw a picture.

Outside, we think it's going to be the same.

Inside, we think it's going to have new features.

The changes are on the inside p.m. the u.k. 1 platform from selling 3,000 cars on that one platform with mini.

They can sell close to one million cars tomorrow.

What this also means is sharing lot of technologies across the brands between mini and b.m.w. this talk of having s.u.d.'s ahead of splares on the mini.

There's talks of having active parking assists on these cars.

There's a lot of platform sharing and technology sharing that can happen and that can only help the two brands.

Who's going to be benefiting the most?

Is it b.m.w. or mini?

It could be either ways.

Mini gains from the added volumes that are selling from the b.m.w. brands.

And mini has strong brand value in the brand today, as strong as b.m.w. does.

We understand it could be between 15,000 and 18,000 pounds.

How many people are going to buy it?

If anything, more people.

It's a five-door hatchback as we've not seen before.

The platform has three different wheelbases.

It can have two different seat height arrangements.

And they talk of 12 different models in the next year.

Obviously, there's a lot of scope for different models having different platforms done with that.

Is there any terms of lessons that other car companies can take from mini or is it that it looks so british and because it's made and manufactured in the u.k.? yeah.

With the marketing campaign they have in campaign, the not normal for the new mini, they want to stoic the iconic for this brand, quite like burberry.

Mini itself has that strong connection to its customers.

And you know, with b.m.w. -- the big question for us is with bps moving from the rear wheel drive platform to the front wheel drive platform is hard to adopt.

The question is managing to gain the market interest in the new platform.

Mini by itself, it's going to be front wheel driven and it's only going to benefit from the new platform it has in place.

Who are they selling to?

Is this for emerging market?

The u.s. is tricky because they're used to bigger cars.


The mini is expected to be bigger and as long as a three-seat tuareg.

The younger generation and people who want to have the same experience outside the car, inside the car -- in europe?

Mainly in europe.

So it's not really moving away from that.

The mini is still produced in the u.k. it's not produced anywhere else, unlike the b.m.w. they're sticking to the european market for the moment.

Emerging companies will come at a later point but not yet.

This is an important point because they're playing into the u.k. courtness.

Seems like b.m.w. is spending all this money to make sure the plants are high-tech and top notched and staying in the u.k. if they were to move it, would the brand devalue?

I don't believe so because they would never move entirely.

They would still produce in the u.k. they need a connection with the iconic british brand but not really because we think our makers like jaguar would sell in china and that doesn't devalue the brand.

If anything, it tells your consumers you're prepared to increase consumers.

Will they do that?

You have to.

You have to make more money.

True, but at 300,000 cars being sold a year, it's definitely not at that stage.

If it costs a half a million mark when you get to that number.

But today where they are right now, you know, i don't see them expanding yet unless they have higher sales.

In an hour and a half, we will see this new model.

And we understand very technology driven so it might be connected to your ipad, your ipod.

What is the one thing you're be looking out for?

Is there something that is symptomatic of where car makers are going?

We'll be looking under the hood more than outside.

It's interesting to see what kind of engines they will adopt.

And the trend has been to downsize.

And with the mini, we see that clearly.

The engines are going to turbocharges and for us, it's important at the mini as a brand by itself, it's quirky.

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